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Saturday, November 01, 2014
Spring Issue 2012

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Texas Doctor Shortage
How To: Lobbyists
Buzzkill: New Jobs
UPDATE: Locals in the Lege 



The Redback Report is a subscription online quarterly journal with original content geared towards those who work in, with and for Texas municipal and county government.  Each quarter, we will provide blunt and clear in-depth analysis of the specific economic and political impacts of state (and federal) policy on local taxpayers - and those who steward their money.  

Every edition will have a specific policy focus, as well as general topics aimed at helping policymakers and bureaucrats cut through positioning and posturing and get to the truth behind the issues facing our state and cities. We have big plans for the site, and will be deepening the content and its value as you get to know us.

It is no secret that the “budget tricks” often employed by the Texas Legislature amount to little more than a concerted effort to push the most expensive problems down to the local level.  Whether the effect is on ISDs, hospital districts, counties or cities, the taxpayers will foot the bill or suffer the consequences of greatly reduced services.  As a result, the greatest innovations and truest forms of economic development are taking place on the local level where partisan politics are less likely to hold up good ideas.

For our inaugural edition, we took a look at the doctor shortage facing Texas. There is little debate over whether there is shortage, but there is great debate about how we address it.  Our economics expert, Brian Kelsey, took a closer look at the economic impact the shortage will have on our state and more importantly, the local impact of adding more doctors.  We hope you find this to be a useful tool when dealing with how your community looks at this issue.

The Redback Report original content is largely written by the journal’s founders, who have decades of experience with state and local government issues.  Other contributors are carefully curated and are at the tops of their fields in state and local policy. We want you to have this first issue for free in hopes that you will realize actual value from it and eventually become a paid subscriber.

After you sign up, we will alert you as we add new content.  If there is an issue you hope to see us cover in the future, please let us know and we will put our top people on it!

Oh, and if you are wondering what in the heck a “Redback” refers to, click here.  

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